Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ninjas, Witches and Epiphany Crafts!

Three ninjas, a witch, a zombie and a zebra go walking down the street...looking for Halloween treats to eat!

Hmm...maybe we should take up rhyming instead of blogging....nah!

Today we have some Halloween layouts from Designers Aly Dosdall and Laina Lamb that many of you can relate to! Who hasn't had a child or known a child that didn't chose a witch or animal costume for Halloween?! {my favorite...the year my son was a dinosaur and my daughter Snow White!)

user posted image
3 Ninjas Layout
Designer: Aly Dosdall

Epiphany Crafts Tools:
Shape Studio Tool Round 14,  Round Bubble Caps

Jillibean Soup papers
Making Memories Alphabets

user posted image
Z is for Zombie
Designer: Laina Lamb

Epiphany Crafts Tools:
Shape Studio Tool Round 14 and 25 

Scenic Route Paper
Ki Memories Paper

We hope you're enjoying our new blog and we look forward to many upcoming week of ideas and inspiration to share with you!

To help inspire you we'd like to offer you a chance to win our New Star Studio Tool! What was your favorite costume growing up or a favorite for your little ones? We'd love to hear. Simply post a comment and we'll enter you to win our Star Tool and Buttons. We'll pick one random winner next Monday!   


  1. My favorite was the year my son went as the New Orleans Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks. He had the body paint, wig and jersey (that was bigger than him) We had a look of fun that night.

  2. for our son's 1st halloween, i dressed him up as a turtle and his father and i as rabbits. i love family costumes, but never managed to pull one together after that...

  3. When my son was little, I made him a frog costume, complete with feet. I put a sign on him that said, "kiss me, I am really a prince". so cute!

  4. Boy, that is a hard question! I have to say, dressing my kids has been way more fun!! I sewed them cowboy costumes, dalmation ones(after the 101 D's), and many others. But probably when my boys dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Woody would be my all time fav' costumes. I am saving them for the day that they have little ones themselves. Loved the new lo's and absolutely love the new blog!!

  5. My favorite was when my daugter was 3, she went as Dorathy from the Wizard of Oz. She had the ruby slippers, the blue socks, the dress, her hair was in pig tails, and she even had the basket with Toto inside :) The layouts our awesome, I love the colors in the 1st one!

  6. The funnest halloween I can remember was when my husband and I dressed up as a nun and priest - he was the nun and I was the priest. We got lots of looks and laughs!

  7. i made my daughter into a pillow and carried her around in a pillowcase because she wasn't yet walking very well.

  8. So love all these awesome Halloween pages! Great job, ladies. :)
    I think one of my most favorite years was when my tiny daughter dressed up as that adorable GAP bear.


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